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Relationships are hard, and everyone has difficulty in their interpersonal lives sometimes. However, when interpersonal patterns seem to be repeating endlessly or when social struggles start to affect our mental health, then it may be time to seek help.

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You deserve to have healthy, satisfying relationships. The good news is that it can get better! By identifying, exploring, and addressing whatever is causing problems in your interpersonal life, you can finally start to have the types of relationships that you want. If you are struggling socially or interpersonally, there is no better time to act than now

How I Can Help

Together, we will explore recurring patterns in your life, with a particular focus on your interpersonal relationships. We will improve your understanding of how those patterns came to be, and we will identify the root cause of your struggles so that you can begin to make changes.


We may emphasize the development of skills (like communication skills or assertiveness skills, for example) that you can put into practice. If your concerns are more anxiety-related, we will identify and adapt any thoughts and behaviors that may be feeding the anxiety. As we make changes to your thoughts, behaviors, and interpersonal patterns, you will notice an improvement in your relationships, and you will start to feel better.

We will work together to develop a plan that is highly customized to your particular needs. To find out if working together would be a good fit, schedule your free consultation today!


Brett Swords, Ph.D.

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